Room In The Inn

In partnership with more than 160 local congregations, providing shelter for 1,286 individuals from November 1 - March 31

Room In The Inn provides over 29,000 beds, over 22,000 showers, and served over 60,000

meals and almost 30,000 snacks/lunches to their homeless guests. Last year, approximately 5,000 volunteers, gave almost 130,000 hours of service, driving nearly 500,000 miles,

For more information please contact Paul Miller at pmiller@howarducc.org.

  • women's ministry

    The Louise Holiday Women's Ministry seeks to provide opportunities to nurture and  enrich the talents and  lives of women of faith.; empowering their efforts to address a variety of social justice concerns within the church and community at large.

    We look forward to worshiping with you. 

    Join us!

  • MEN'S ministry

    Hadley Wright Men's Ministry provides opportunities to serve the spiritual needs of the men in the congregation and community. Our Annual Fish Fry and Yard Sale provides opportunities for North Nashville and the neighboring community to gather in fellowship  and help support our scholarship projects. We look forward to meeting you!

  • music ministry

    HUCC Music Ministry is blessed to have a dynamic, growing choir and a diverse offering of praise and worship music - from Negro Spirituals to hymns and contemporary gospel.

    Together with our dedicated gathering of singers, they bring anointed, moving music to inspire, uplift and remind us how to lift our voices in praise!  

    Bring your musical gifts and join us!  



    Come lift your voice in praise with the HUCC choir!  We delight in new energy, new voices and new songs to sing God's praises. BRING YOURS!!  


    The Genesis Ministry provides social, spiritual and emotional guidance for the youth of Howard Congregational UCC. Our youth Sunday school program embodies all three components by providing Bible instruction for our young people and the community.

    Genesis sponsors various family oriented activities throughout the year. Some of these activities include:

    Easter Egg Hunt
    •Samaritan's Purse Project

    We also promote community outreach through service projects. Our goal each year is to add opportunities for Genesis to touch more families in the community and expand programs for our youth.