congrats,bravos and "God is Good" woohoos

AT Howard UCC

Keeping Our pace with Virtual Reality

The Covid19 Pandemic of 2020 forced us to say 'No' to  gathering  as congregation since March of last year.  Our Tech Ministry has kept us gathering virtually on Sundays on the web. Our Music Ministry's Annual Concert served to gather us in Christmas  spirit and song for its 7th  year, 1st Virtual Christmas, DONE!    We were not going to let year 7 get by with Covid telling us NO MUSIC for the season?!!!!?!  

Now in 2021, we've gotten a bit of wind beneath our wings and are sailing across the ether every Sunday delivering God's word with few glitches. Bravo to our Tech Ministry for making sure the

'Show of Sunday Praise'  could indeed go on!   

Congratulations, Dominisha

This month, our sister, Minister Dominisha Black graduates from American Baptist College!  Bravo!  Dominisha  has been a beautiful light on the Howard Family tree since joining us, and has served God and our little church with a giving heart, a bright smile, powerful words and supporting active engagement  of her two handsome sons who helped facilitate our virtual reality last year. We will miss all three of them as Minister Black, Marrion and Aayron move on to pursue other horizons.  Keep in touch!!

We love you!

Howard 'Mass' Choir

Since Covid-19has us distanced, we're finding new ways to bring our voices together.  This is our first video;  one of our best... "I Give Myself Away", produced by our Music and Tech ministries.  



Congratulations, jean!!

Meet a newly Certified Clinical Musician and  Say "Horray" to our sister Jean Norton.  She recently completed coursework to become a Certified Clinical Musician (CCM)  through the CMCP program at Harp for Healing, LLC.

If you've heard Jean play harp, you already know the healing balm it brings. If you haven't, don't wait!

Congrats. Larry!

Congratulations to our brother Larry Turnley, who was recently appointed by the Mayor to Nashville's new Policing Policy Commission.  

The Policing Policy Commission will consider nearly every aspect of policing in Nashville, reevaluating policies on use of force, training, recruitment, crime prevention, discipline and diversity.


News is you've been accepted into Nashville School of the Arts!  BRAVO!  We're excited for you!!!

WooHoo you two!

Marrion and Aaryon have both been accepted into HONORS programs for the coming school year!  Way to go, fellas! We're proud of you!

Paris Reports on the Sidelines

She's been promoted already, ya'll!!  Go Paris!